Veronica Romney is a Dream Team Architect. She works with online entrepreneurs who have started a business independently but need that extra hand to scale. She has over 14 years of experience in online marketing, with extensive experience working with inspirational leaders like Tony Robbins, Pete Vargas, and BossBabe. Because of her knowledge and expertise, Veronica is a recognized expert in personal branding, public speaking, social media marketing, and online marketing.

Veronica joins me to discuss how you can become a better leader for your business and your family. She shares what it was like working as a speaker and trainer for various leadership coaches and how parenting intersects with being a good leader, especially when strengthening employee relationships. Veronica also describes the services she offers to online entrepreneurs and how she helps them expand beyond the growth spurt that was prompted by the pandemic.

“No success on the outside can ever compensate for the failures inside your home.” – Veronica Romney

This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:

  • Why Veronica calls herself a Dream Team Architect
  • Why Veronica enjoys working with marketing teams
  • How Veronica helps companies sustain the earnings they had during the pandemic
  • What it was like working with Tony Robbins
  • Comparing people management and parenting
  • What success means to Veronica
  • How you can be the hero of your own story
  • Why parenting is a fantastic experience for business leaders

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Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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