Patrick Campbell is an entrepreneur as well as the Founder of ProfitWell, a company that provides business intelligence solutions that boost retention and monetization automatically through subscription financial metrics. He has extensive experience in pricing strategy, analysis, and online marketing. Before starting ProfitWell, Patrick was an economist at Google and the US Intelligence community. He also led Gemvara’s Strategic Initiatives.


Patrick joins me today to explain how to find your mission in life as a person and entrepreneur. He shares how ProfitWell helps grow client businesses automatically. He discusses the late Queen’s passing and the opportunities he saw while watching the live coverage. He underscores the importance of building a morning routine and its purpose. Patrick also describes the insecurities entrepreneurs experience and what he does to overcome them.


“Without a mission in life, what the hell are we doing?” – Patrick Campbell


This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:


  • How ProfitWell helps companies grow automatically
  • Patrick’s thoughts on recent events and the opportunities he saw
  • Why Patrick doesn’t talk about company transitions
  • Finding purpose by having a mission in life
  • The opportunity difference between South Africa and the United States
  • Patrick’s daily routine and why he sticks to it
  • How you can control where your attention goes
  • The insecurity entrepreneurs experience


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Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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