EA028 – Creating Executable Plans for Your Business


When we are trying to achieve any goal, we need to go through a planning phase. Whether the goal is to add a new revenue stream, launch a new product or service, or develop a new marketing campaign, strategic planning is the key to success. But there is a difference between planning effectively and theoretically—and the former is significantly more impactful than the latter.


This week, I discuss the difference between effective planning and theoretical planning. I explain why the best plan is the one that can be executed and why theoretical planning rarely helps us to achieve our goals. I reveal why it’s impossible to consistently create successful plans and how sometimes, business owners and executive leaders focus on the wrong aspects of planning for their businesses. I also underscore the key aspects to consider to determine if your plan is easily executable.


“The plan that can be executed is always going to be more successful than some theoretical plan.” – Adam Rundle


This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:


  • Effective plans versus theoretical plans
  • The challenges of consistently creating successful plans for your business
  • The challenges associated with practical planning
  • What to consider when creating an executable plan


Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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