Sean Pastuch is the founder and CEO of the company Active Life, the self-described bridge between healthcare and fitness. Sean conceived Active Life out of the need to innovate the current medical model by incorporating an emotional approach to pain management. He earned a degree in Chiropractic Care from Northeast College of Health Sciences and has worked for various fitness organizations, including CrossFit. Sean is also a coach educator to athletes and has extensive experience working in strength conditioning and physical rehabilitation.


Sean joins me today to describe why the fitness industry alienates those who aren’t at peak health despite claiming to be inclusive. He shares how Active Life helps those who feel bullied by the fitness industry and highlights the projects they will focus on in the coming months. He defines financial freedom and explains how fatherhood taught him about controlling emotions and much more. Sean also describes why saying “my team” isn’t as inclusive as it sounds.


“Everyone needs a different level and tone of communication; you have to ask the questions to get the answers. You can’t just make the assumptions.” – Sean Pastuch


This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:


  • The origin of Sean’s last name
  • The bullies Sean sees across various industries
  • Why Sean started Active Life and the people he wants to help
  • The team elements of one-on-one sports
  • Projects Active Life will commit to in the future
  • How team sports compare to business and parenting
  • Gym membership statistics and the average joining age
  • Helping gym goers who are 40 years old and up
  • Sean’s definition of financial freedom and his vision
  • What Sean learned from being a father
  • Why you should stop saying “my team”
  • How Sean documented their company culture
  • Sean’s experience working with our team


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Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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