Thomas Smale is the CEO of FE International, an award-winning global merger & acquisitions advisory firm focusing on SaaS, Content, and Commerce businesses. Thomas’ career as a serial entrepreneur started in the early 2000s by building and selling small online companies. This would eventually lead to him founding FE International in 2010, effectively scaling what used to be a relatively “small” business-selling career. As CEO, Thomas specializes in business strategizing, business development, and marketing.

Thomas joins me to discuss the latest in the mergers & acquisitions industry and what leaders should do to maximize their exit strategy. He shares why he decided to move from the UK to the US to start his career and how the pandemic affected FE International as well as his personal life. He explains what inspired him to pursue a career in mergers & acquisitions and when leaders should start thinking about their exit strategy. Thomas also shares his prediction for the future of the M&A industry and what’s in the pipeline for FE International.

“You need to start intentionally working towards the goal of selling your business.” – Thomas Smale

This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:

  • Why Thomas decided to move to the US
  • The types of companies Thomas worked with and the services he offered
  • Why Thomas focused on Mergers & Acquisitions
  • How COVID-19 affected Thomas’ personal life
  • How the pandemic changed the way Thomas and his company worked with clients
  • The complexities involved in selling a business
  • The difficulty of selling a business the traditional way
  • Thomas’ prediction for the future of the M&A industry
  • What’s next for Thomas and his company

Connect with Thomas Smale:

Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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