EA031 – Planning for Parenthood and Beyond with Kaitlyn Carlson 

Kaitlyn Carlson, CFP®, CEPA®, AWMA, is the CEO and founder of Theory Planning Partners, a boutique wealth advising company that caters explicitly to top female entrepreneurs in the United States. Kaitlyn founded the business after observing the vast support for male multi-millionaires and billionaires, seeking to help close the gap for their female counterparts. Kaitlyn specializes in exit planning, which involves helping business owners plan for the sale of their businesses with a focus on retirement. 

Kaitlyn joins me today to describe her professional journey and why she pursued a career in wealth creation and retirement planning. She explains what motherhood is like and how she manages to balance her family and career. She differentiates between building an enterprise and a lifestyle business. She discusses the type of clients she likes to work with and what it means to be intentional in wealth management. Kaitlyn also reveals what parents can learn from their children and how it can translate to their professional lives. 


“Your savings is going to be what secures your financial independence.” – Kaitlyn Carlson 

This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast: 

  • Kaitlyn Carlson and how she found her way into the financial industry 
  • How pregnancy and parenthood change your career plans 
  • Building an enterprise versus a lifestyle business 
  • The best time to start preparing for retirement 
  • Having intentionality behind your financial planning
  • The tipping point in the private wealth space 
  • Kaitlyn’s thoughts on money and whether you can have too much of it 
  • How to wrap your mind around starting from the bottom 
  • What parents can learn from their children 
  • Kaitlyn’s upcoming projects and thoughts on motherhood 

Connect with Kaitlyn Carlson: 


Turning Boring Money into FUN Money 


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