James Langridge is a professional copywriter and marketer with a particular focus on digital marketing. He works with businesses, owners, and diverse teams looking to scale their businesses without funnels or expensive webinars. James also regularly consults with various business leaders and coaches to help them get their brands out there, gaining loyal customers beyond one-time purchases.


James joins me to describe how marketing has evolved throughout the years, but still retains human behavior at its core. He explains how the pandemic shifted the way companies sell to consumers and shares his thoughts on how easy it is to get your name out there, thanks to the internet. He discusses our innate need to be entertained and how professional wrestling is an example of genius marketing. James also describes why humans will pay any amount of money for entertainment and the psychological elements of good marketers.


“Understanding people is the only thing that matters.” – James Langridge


This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:

  • How James became a copywriter
  • Why James believes he is more American than most Americans
  • The psychological elements of being a good marketer
  • What you need to create a good sales copy
  • Applying sales writing techniques in real life
  • Why people have an innate need to be entertained and will pay for it
  • How the WWE represents  genius marketing
  • What’s in the pipeline for James?


Connect with James Langridge:


Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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