Kyle Clements is the founder and CEO of Quipli, a SaaS company that offers software for the rental market. Their software allows independent rental companies to receive payments, manage inventory, and accept customer orders. Kyle holds a Master of Science degree in Commerce: Financial Services from the University of Virginia. Before founding Quipli, Kyle was the Senior Strategic Operations Manager at Uber.


Kyle joins me today to describe the importance of appreciating the present and your entrepreneurial journey. He shares the common traits he sees in people with leadership potential. He explains how Quipli’s marketing strategy is built on honesty and vulnerability. He discusses why he prefers to work fully remotely. Kyle also reveals the lessons he learned as a leader and why we’re now living in the “good old days.”


“I think that’s what really matters; it’s about the process and the journey.” – Kyle Clements


This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:

  • Kyle’s professional experience and how long we’ve known each other
  • The character traits that pave the way for leadership
  • What Kyle learned as an entrepreneur and business leader
  • The company’s marketing strategy and how it’s built on honesty and vulnerability
  • The potential challenge of not being a technical founder
  • Viewing milestones as new starting points
  • How to know you’re in the “good old days”
  • Why Kyle prefers being a “remote company” for a long time

Connect with Kyle Clements:

Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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