When you hear the word “accounting,” the first few ideas that come to mind are taxes, earnings, and making investors happy. If you think an accountant’s purpose is to make sure you don’t lose money, you’ll be surprised at how we actually impact your company’s growth. What’s the true purpose of accounting in business? How can business owners fully utilize their accounting department?

In this episode, I share why accounting is an underrated industry. I explain what accountants do for your business and how we help keep business and organizations afloat. I describe why accounting is a scary industry. I discuss the true purpose of business and our most important job as business owners. I also share why kindness is not mutually exclusive to good leadership and the people who influence my leadership style.

“Every functionable thing in your business boils down to numbers.” – Adam Rundle

This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:

  • Addressing the disconnect between business owners and accountants
  • The reality of accounting and how it’s used in business
  • How accounting has become a scary industry
  • The leaders who influence my leadership style
  • The true purpose of business and what business owners should do
  • What your accounting should measure in your business
  • Why accounting is the most powerful tool in your business

Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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