Jean-Luc  Johnstone and Matt Smith are part of the CleverProfits’ team of advisors. Both are chartered accountants in South Africa. Jean has over seven years of advising experience focusing on mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance across South Africa, Ireland, and the UK. Matt was a junior lecturer at Rhodes University. Both completed a 3-year Audit course at Moore Cape Town. Their job at CleverProfits is to ensure we make the right decisions regarding expansion and risk management.

In this episode, Matt and Jean join me to discuss inflation. They share the definition of inflation and what makes it go up and down. They explain how inflation and interest rates correlate and describe how consumer behavior changes depending on interest rates and inflation. They discuss their thoughts on volatile markets such as crypto and how inflation has also impacted their growth. They also describe how consumer behavior has changed after the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Every time inflation increases, the value of our purchasing power decreases for the same dollar we have in our pockets.” – Jean-Luc Johnstone


This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:

  • US inflation rates, where it’s at, and where it’s headed
  • Defining inflation and how it affects commodity prices
  • The economics behind interest rates and inflation
  • The difference between floating and fixed-rate loans
  • Volatile markets and how inflation drove prices down
  • Analyzing consumer behavior in a post-COVID world

Connect with Matt Smith and Jean-Luc Johnstone:



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