Chris Walker is the CEO of Refine Labs, a research firm that provides progressive demand strategies focusing on growth-stage B2B SaaS companies. Their innovative take on marketing, content creation, and utilization of Dark Social data has proven that organic presence is superior to simply publishing corporate blogs. As CEO, Chris specializes in various aspects of leadership, marketing, and management. His areas of expertise includes demand generation, revenue operations, social & content strategies, and go-to-market strategy design.

Chris joins me to discuss how LinkedIn is underutilized and how businesses should adapt their content marketing strategies to the social media platform. He shares what Refine Labs is all about, the services they offer, how he discovered the power of LinkedIn in producing leads that result in new clients. He describes why the old ways of marketing no longer work and what the new wave of content strategy should focus on. Chris also discusses why market slowdowns are the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

“You have to shift your priorities. There’s nothing more powerful than creating content on LinkedIn.” – Chris Walker

This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:

  • Why people say Refine Labs is like the next Google
  • The day Chris went all-in on LinkedIn
  • Surpassing the old ways of building a business
  • The power behind LinkedIn
  • How most people use LinkedIn and how Chris’ team uses it
  • Getting customers with new business strategies
  • Why slowdowns in the economy aren’t bad things
  • What’s in store for Refined Labs in the coming months

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Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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