Matthew “Matt” Smith and Jean-Luc “JL” Johnstone are part of CleverProfits’ advisory team. Matt is an Account Manager and a qualified Chartered Accountant in South Africa. He spent a year as a junior lecturer at Rhodes University and completed his SAICA traineeship at Moore Cape Town specializing in Audit. JL is a qualified Chartered Accountant in South Africa with over 7 years of experience specializing in Corporate Finance and M&A throughout South Africa, the UK, and Ireland. Like Matt, JL completed his 3-year traineeship at Moore Cape Town specializing in Audit. He has extensive due diligence assignment experience across multiple sectors and jurisdictions, including TMT, FMCG, retail, Renewable Energy, and construction. As Advisors at CleverProfits, they’re in charge of helping our company make the right decisions concerning growth and risk management.

Matt and JL join me today to discuss the role of advisors in an organization and why it’s smart for business owners to hire their advisory team. They explain an advisor’s role in business and how they analyze deals and other transactions. They share what makes them passionate about advising and why it’s about people. They also describe the advantages of having an advisor over making personal judgments and how having an advisory team helps you build confidence with every business transaction.

“As a business owner, you don’t know what you don’t know, so lean on people who do.”

 – Jean-Luc Johnstone

This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:

  • The lack of clarity about Advisory
  • What is unique about Advisory?
  • The difference between CFOs and Advisors
  • The actual role of advisors in businesses
  • How an advisory team builds confidence with every transaction
  • What advisors do when analyzing a deal
  • What excites Matt and Jean about advising?

Connect with Matt Smith and Jean-Luc Johnstone:

Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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