Andrew Gazdecki is the CEO of MicroAcquire, a company that helps startups get acquired in as little as 30 days. The company has closed over $ 500 million worth of deals and aims to establish itself as the most founder-friendly acquisition marketplace for startup owners. Andrew has always been an entrepreneur, which started in his teen years when he started selling on eBay. His first official experience as an entrepreneur was when he founded Bizness Apps in 2010, which was successfully acquired in 2018 by ESW Capital. Andrew is also the author of Getting Acquired: How I Built and Sold My SaaS Startup, where he talks about how he founded a startup without any real work experience.

Andrew joins me to discuss where his entrepreneurial journey started and how building iPhone apps eventually led to his big financial break. He shares his thoughts on the luck aspect of owning a successful business and explains that startups are more about motivation and grinding than intelligence. He also describes why he saw Blockchain as ‘the next big thing’ a few years earlier and shares actionable advice to entrepreneurs building a business while raising a family.


“Building startups is a game of mental endurance, taking care of yourself, and not getting too high on the wind.”
– Andrew Gazdecki


This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:

  • Andrew’s entrepreneurial journey
  • How the iPhone inspired Andrew to build apps as a career
  • Andrew’s thoughts on being lucky as a business owner
  • Blockchain and how its potential is like the smartphone and the internet
  • Andrew’s perspective on being positioned to sell from day one
  • The importance of enjoying your work as an entrepreneur
  • Andrew’s advice to those new to building a startup
  • What’s in the pipeline for MicroAcquire?
  • Andrew’s advice to entrepreneurs juggling building a business while raising children

Connect with Andrew Gazdecki:

Turning Boring Money into FUN Money

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