Whether you’re on the selling or buying side of an acquisition, the details in between can get a little too complex if you don’t have the right people giving you advice along the way. That is why there are many instances where transactions fall through. How do you avoid disputes arising before, during, and after an acquisition?


In this episode, we discuss the ten common mistakes business owners make in acquisitions and how to prevent them from happening. We describe the challenges of leading a business in the middle of an acquisition. We explain why most owners don’t know why they’re selling their companies in the first place. We also offer insight on understanding how the buyer’s idea of your company’s value differs from yours.


“Just because you know your business the best doesn’t mean doesn’t mean you’re the best at selling it.” – Matt Smith


This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:


  • The difficulty of keeping things balanced when handling your first deal
  • What to be aware of during the first offer
  • Understanding the value of your business
  • Knowing how your buyers value your business
  • Knowing the value of the culture after the business is sold
  • Hiring the right person to sell your business
  • Why most owners don’t know why they’re selling their business
  • Being aware of business blindspots during transactions


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